Summer Ends…..Youth Luau At The Wooten’s

What do you do when you have the promise of warm weather going south?

You have a luau to celebrate the end of a season, and to remind everyone that there is always sunny weather somewhere (even if it is way over in Hawaii)!

It was a momentous night as youth and youth leaders met at Isaac and Carleen Wooten’s house for a night bursting with delicious food and lively activities.  The Hawaiian themed instrumental music floated out the back doors to collide with the sweet smell of the fresh pineapple that was sizzling on the grill. In the backyard the young people either found themselves fellowshipping on the patio, enjoying the sweet tea provided, or engaging in one of France’s finest (if not perplexingly intricate) contributions; croquet. Thankful to our overly dynamic youth group, Sis. Fackler’s croquet set will never be the same.

When the food was prepared (thanks ladies), the bowls were piled high with our own version of Bentos (teriyaki chicken, and various vegetables over rice), and the now perfectly grilled pineapple.

Between discovering that the hardwood floor in the kitchen/entry was perfectly slippery when paired with socks, having a hula-hoop endurance contest, a few impromptu puppet shows, and many others things, the momentous night finished out with everyone gathering in the living room to have a word of prayer.

Themes, food and activities always make an night enjoyable, but as would anyone that was there would have agreed, the best part is getting together with young people that share more than the bond of friendship. The bond of being One God, Apostolic Pentecostals is stronger than any commonality that was shared that night. The thought has been told before, but it still strikes a true chord. There is nothing like being with the precious people of God.






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-Youth Blog Team-