The Urban Fondue Experience

Urban Fondue in Portland, although known by some, was largely undiscovered by the youth of ALPC, until the night of May 8th, 2015. Nestled in the romantic Northwest District of Downtown Portland, where finding a parking spot is a fairytale, and accidentally hitting a bicyclist is a  reality, Urban Fondue has an overpowering presence that stems from its unique dining experience and specialty fondue.

Colorful houses by Urban Fondue
Urban Fondue


Lindsey & Kaitlin
Steven & Sean
Isaac, Lauren & Baby
Vanessa & Jay
Isaac & Carleen
Irving, Luke, Jacob & Steven

We all opted for the Urban Fondue Experience. Which meant….

We all agreed on 5 cheesy fondue, which were brought out on warmers, with chunks of bread to dip.


The Tomato Basil was the best!
Sausage to dip in the fondue

After we ran out of cheese, we picked our meat, and then….

They brought out our meat RAW.

IMG_3423Before we had the chance to demand our money back and have a talk with the cook, the means of cooking our food were brought out to the table.

Flaming containers of burning red jelly; Ethanol.
Steaming pot of broth. 

The instructions were simple. Use your provided 3-minute timer to record the time from when you speared your raw meat and inserted it into the broth, to when it was time to be removed and placed upon your plate. Much to my surprise, but what should appear to my eyes after only 3 minutes was….


COOKED MEAT! Pretty magical if you ask me.

There were still a few of us that were spurred to put the finishing touches on our wills, just in case our cooking and avoiding food poisoning skills weren’t quite up to par.


Dipping sauces, there were TONS. This was only a few of them.
Nearly everyone enjoyed the artichokes!

Then came the last course, chunks of cheesecake, cookie dough, cream puffs, bananas, strawberries, to dip in 5 pots of warm sauces, ranging from peanut butter chocolate, marionberry cheesecake, carmel cognac, heathbar, you name it, we had it.


We clamored slowly out of the restaurant, holding our stomachs and promising ourselves that we would exercise off the extra food we’d eaten that night.

Great choice for dinner for a youth outing. Thanks Youth Committee!

Youth Convention 2015, Friday Night

We came to church that Friday night, expecting God to do something great, and we were not disappointed.

Pastor Davies opened the service with words of encouragement and expectancy.



God has sho’nuff been good!

Bro. White preached and the altars were filled with youth people responding to God’s Word.


After God was through moving, we gathered our belongings, grabbed backpacks, satchels and purses, and made our way over to Duniway Middle School.


Food first of course.



Andy and Adrianna’s last youth event!



The ladies, helping console the lame man.



Bro. White plays an amazing game of basketball, even in dress clothes.


There’s people that smile, and then there’s people that cover their faces.


Glad to have had some of Bro. White’s youth with us!


One of our finest young men at the youth night.

Thank you Pastor and Sis. Davies, Bro. and Sis. Matthew Davies for having a burden and a vision for young people!

Can’t wait to see what God is going to do next year at Youth Convention!

Youth Convention 2015, Friday Morning

During the convention, it was said that we pray hard, and we play hard. That could not be closer to the truth! The Pentecostal youth that stayed up late into the night, gathered in the morning for prayer, followed by singing and a powerful devotion by   Bro. White, on the power of worship.


Then………after the altar call finished and we finished stuffing our faces with pizza in the gym…..

It was time to play hard.


Beautiful day for softball out at Joe Dancer Park!


A home run in the making.


IMG_2220Bro. White, showing us how it’s done on the softball field.



Max, showing us how it’s done on the kickball field.



Elder Dunlap, pitching for us.

IMG_2235God’s great youth.



Youth Convention 2015, Thursday Night

Youth Convention 2015 was the best year yet! So many youth, youth leaders, and parents came to help make the meeting a success.

We kicked off the weekend Thursday night, with Bro. White preaching and youth fellowship at Ruby Tuesday’s following the service. So thankful that the Whites were able to come and be mightily used of God in every service. There was no doubt that each message preached was straight from God, a message for His church.

IMG_2189Bro. White Preaching


Eating at Ruby’s! We basically took over the whole restaurant.



Pentecostals as far as the eye could see!

IMG_2227 IMG_2226

IMG_2230 IMG_2218 IMG_2224

I would like to say that everyone got to bed at a reasonable hour….

But let’s just say that the more important thing is that everyone made it to prayer on-time in the morning for devotions!

Youth Jam Night

Throw a bunch One God Pentecostal Apostolic young people into a room full of instruments and what do you think will happen…?

Exactly what the Youth committee thought.

We moved a drum set, piano, mics, and hook-ups for several basses or guitars in to the gym Sunday night in preparation for a Surge and Ignite activity after church.


IMG_1505Plus a foosball table.

The ladies prepared a wonderful meal of quesadillas, a glorious concoction full of onions, chicken, cheese….all the trimmings.

IMG_1514 IMG_1531


JPEG image-589CD14A9E30-1

Things are shaping up for a pretty intense game.

IMG_1503Some people get quite violent when you mention food.

After the food was when the real fun started. We moseyed on over to where the instruments lay spread like an apple tree, ripe for the picking.

And before you know it…..

We had our drummers

IMG_1502IMG_1507IMG_1509JPEG image-A39CF3FF65D0-1

We had our guitarists




And we had our group efforts, topped off by a special appearance of our Pastor

and Sis. Davies.

IMG_1512 IMG_1517 IMG_1516

IMG_1529 IMG_1522 IMG_1525


“Ain’t No Grave Gonna Hold This Body Down”

We had fun, and we felt God.

So much talent was shown, from the instruments to the singing. God has blessed our church with lots of young people who use the abilities that He has given them, to glorify Him.


The ALPC Ignite Youth Group convened upon Manzana Rotisserie Grill (since then, an external investigation has been launched to determine whether or not liquid smoke is being used to achieve their patented “applewood grill taste”), last night in Lake Oswego at 7:30 sharp.JPEG image-B9535981EE2B-1

JPEG image-2651150CF534-1

When everyone arrived, we soon got down to the serious business of deciding what exactly to order. Choices ranged from turkey sandwiches, fish and chips, guacamole, and applewood smoked & grilled pork chops.

JPEG image-450F65915AD3-1

Did I mention it was serious business?

JPEG image-B9AB8701ACAC-1

Adela and Crystal

JPEG image-D6D2EE811265-1

Thomas, Sammy and Luke

JPEG image-560CD05753EA-1

Jacob, Sean, and Tre

JPEG image-0D90D8EB46B1-1

Carlos and Andy

JPEG image-3A3FB883C9F1-1

Bro. And Sister Isaac Mitchell, and one young one on the way. Any guesses at names?

Pick your favorite: 1. Methuselah 2. Bob 3. Durvasas (authentic Indian name)

JPEG image-C928AE297605-1Here we have Lindsey (far right), and Andy ‘n Adrianna. The soon to be “Married and Ineligible for Youth Group Outings” couple.

After we finished eating, a few of us still had room leftover in our stomachs, so we walked down the block to

Lake Oswego Ice Creamery & Restaurant.

JPEG image-C261C613D987-1

JPEG image-DA7E448E3BF0-1

When some of us young people went to this ice cream parlor the first time, we couldn’t help but notice that the place smelled……..well…….like a dairy farm. During this latest visit, the smell was true to form and there was a suspicious increase in cow/dairy related decor hung around the shop, featuring lots of dairy facts and trivia. Such things like that the first cows to reach America came with Christopher Columbus, or that the average cow sleeps only about 4 hours a day.

The smell doesn’t affect the taste of the ice cream thankfully! With amazing taste and contented hearts we finished out the evening in Lake Oswego.