The ALPC Ignite Youth Group convened upon Manzana Rotisserie Grill (since then, an external investigation has been launched to determine whether or not liquid smoke is being used to achieve their patented “applewood grill taste”), last night in Lake Oswego at 7:30 sharp.JPEG image-B9535981EE2B-1

JPEG image-2651150CF534-1

When everyone arrived, we soon got down to the serious business of deciding what exactly to order. Choices ranged from turkey sandwiches, fish and chips, guacamole, and applewood smoked & grilled pork chops.

JPEG image-450F65915AD3-1

Did I mention it was serious business?

JPEG image-B9AB8701ACAC-1

Adela and Crystal

JPEG image-D6D2EE811265-1

Thomas, Sammy and Luke

JPEG image-560CD05753EA-1

Jacob, Sean, and Tre

JPEG image-0D90D8EB46B1-1

Carlos and Andy

JPEG image-3A3FB883C9F1-1

Bro. And Sister Isaac Mitchell, and one young one on the way. Any guesses at names?

Pick your favorite: 1. Methuselah 2. Bob 3. Durvasas (authentic Indian name)

JPEG image-C928AE297605-1Here we have Lindsey (far right), and Andy ‘n Adrianna. The soon to be “Married and Ineligible for Youth Group Outings” couple.

After we finished eating, a few of us still had room leftover in our stomachs, so we walked down the block to

Lake Oswego Ice Creamery & Restaurant.

JPEG image-C261C613D987-1

JPEG image-DA7E448E3BF0-1

When some of us young people went to this ice cream parlor the first time, we couldn’t help but notice that the place smelled……..well…….like a dairy farm. During this latest visit, the smell was true to form and there was a suspicious increase in cow/dairy related decor hung around the shop, featuring lots of dairy facts and trivia. Such things like that the first cows to reach America came with Christopher Columbus, or that the average cow sleeps only about 4 hours a day.

The smell doesn’t affect the taste of the ice cream thankfully! With amazing taste and contented hearts we finished out the evening in Lake Oswego.