The Urban Fondue Experience

Urban Fondue in Portland, although known by some, was largely undiscovered by the youth of ALPC, until the night of May 8th, 2015. Nestled in the romantic Northwest District of Downtown Portland, where finding a parking spot is a fairytale, and accidentally hitting a bicyclist is a  reality, Urban Fondue has an overpowering presence that stems from its unique dining experience and specialty fondue.

Colorful houses by Urban Fondue
Urban Fondue


Lindsey & Kaitlin
Steven & Sean
Isaac, Lauren & Baby
Vanessa & Jay
Isaac & Carleen
Irving, Luke, Jacob & Steven

We all opted for the Urban Fondue Experience. Which meant….

We all agreed on 5 cheesy fondue, which were brought out on warmers, with chunks of bread to dip.


The Tomato Basil was the best!
Sausage to dip in the fondue

After we ran out of cheese, we picked our meat, and then….

They brought out our meat RAW.

IMG_3423Before we had the chance to demand our money back and have a talk with the cook, the means of cooking our food were brought out to the table.

Flaming containers of burning red jelly; Ethanol.
Steaming pot of broth. 

The instructions were simple. Use your provided 3-minute timer to record the time from when you speared your raw meat and inserted it into the broth, to when it was time to be removed and placed upon your plate. Much to my surprise, but what should appear to my eyes after only 3 minutes was….


COOKED MEAT! Pretty magical if you ask me.

There were still a few of us that were spurred to put the finishing touches on our wills, just in case our cooking and avoiding food poisoning skills weren’t quite up to par.


Dipping sauces, there were TONS. This was only a few of them.
Nearly everyone enjoyed the artichokes!

Then came the last course, chunks of cheesecake, cookie dough, cream puffs, bananas, strawberries, to dip in 5 pots of warm sauces, ranging from peanut butter chocolate, marionberry cheesecake, carmel cognac, heathbar, you name it, we had it.


We clamored slowly out of the restaurant, holding our stomachs and promising ourselves that we would exercise off the extra food we’d eaten that night.

Great choice for dinner for a youth outing. Thanks Youth Committee!