Youth Convention 2015, Thursday Night

Youth Convention 2015 was the best year yet! So many youth, youth leaders, and parents came to help make the meeting a success.

We kicked off the weekend Thursday night, with Bro. White preaching and youth fellowship at Ruby Tuesday’s following the service. So thankful that the Whites were able to come and be mightily used of God in every service. There was no doubt that each message preached was straight from God, a message for His church.

IMG_2189Bro. White Preaching


Eating at Ruby’s! We basically took over the whole restaurant.



Pentecostals as far as the eye could see!

IMG_2227 IMG_2226

IMG_2230 IMG_2218 IMG_2224

I would like to say that everyone got to bed at a reasonable hour….

But let’s just say that the more important thing is that everyone made it to prayer on-time in the morning for devotions!