Youth Jam Night

Throw a bunch One God Pentecostal Apostolic young people into a room full of instruments and what do you think will happen…?

Exactly what the Youth committee thought.

We moved a drum set, piano, mics, and hook-ups for several basses or guitars in to the gym Sunday night in preparation for a Surge and Ignite activity after church.


IMG_1505Plus a foosball table.

The ladies prepared a wonderful meal of quesadillas, a glorious concoction full of onions, chicken, cheese….all the trimmings.

IMG_1514 IMG_1531


JPEG image-589CD14A9E30-1

Things are shaping up for a pretty intense game.

IMG_1503Some people get quite violent when you mention food.

After the food was when the real fun started. We moseyed on over to where the instruments lay spread like an apple tree, ripe for the picking.

And before you know it…..

We had our drummers

IMG_1502IMG_1507IMG_1509JPEG image-A39CF3FF65D0-1

We had our guitarists




And we had our group efforts, topped off by a special appearance of our Pastor

and Sis. Davies.

IMG_1512 IMG_1517 IMG_1516

IMG_1529 IMG_1522 IMG_1525


“Ain’t No Grave Gonna Hold This Body Down”

We had fun, and we felt God.

So much talent was shown, from the instruments to the singing. God has blessed our church with lots of young people who use the abilities that He has given them, to glorify Him.