Friday night all the youth met together at the church for a fun night. WE WERE HAVING A FIESTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We started the fiesta off with good fellowship and eating fajitas!! Then we all headed out to the field for soccer. After soccer we came back in and had some delicious churro cupcakes with ice cream for dessert! We played a fun game where everyone was split into 6 teams, and each team was given a list off both Spanish and English words. We had 10 minutes to write a song using these words and put it to any tune we wanted. Then when our time was up the whole team got up and sang their masterpiece for the rest of the groups! We even had a few instruments to make our songs sound even better!! The talent in the room was amazing!!! I’m not sure if we all knew exactly what we were singing, or if it made sense, but it was fun! Then we lined up for the piñata!! Everyone got a turn to swing a stick at “Murphy,” our piñata, until he burst open and rained down candy! At 10:30 the fiesta was over and we all went home for a siesta!!!

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