Surge Youth Activity Night!

After church on Sunday night, January 19th, the Surge youth group had a fun time in the church gym. They played “takin’ the bacon,” glow in the dark baseball, and Indian kickball. The takin’ the bacon had an interesting twist. Instead of seeing who could get back to their side with the ball, they had to throw or kick the ball against their opponent’s wall to score a point.

The glow in the dark baseball was extremely fun with the glow ball and all the glowsticks! After baseball was finished, they played a variation of regular kickball. The point was for the person to kick the ball and try to run as many bases before they got out. The way the other team got them out was by chasing down the ball, lining up single file, and then passimg the ball backwards over their heads to the person behind them. Once it reached the last person the runner was considered out.

A very fun night filled with great games and ice cream in between games

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