New Years Eve Youth Night!

New Years Eve! Perfect time for youth to get together and have a night of fun! After Church on New Years Eve, all the youth headed to the gym for some food and fellowship before the activities started. After about 20 minutes we cleaned up the eating area and some of the youth planning committee started taping off parts of the floor (without telling us what they were doing of course, so of course we tried to guess). After they finished, they started a game of 30 person “4 square.” This quickly turned into a “boys vs. girls with it being about a 50/50 split on which team got to be server.

About 11:40 we paused our game to go back into the sanctuary. Pastor Davies brought some thoughts to us and then afterward we prayed until the clock struck 12. What an amazing way to bring in the New Year! We had a wonderful move of God in our prayer meeting.

After prayer, we went back into the gym and played Bible baseball. Team Two succeeded in beating Team One by a four point lead.

The last part of the night we re-taped portions of the floor off in the gym and played four-way dodge ball. I tried to get as many shots of the activity as I could but once a few of the youth realized I was taking pictures, they decided to aim for my iPhone instead! Sorry if the pictures are blurry of this game but it was a matter of survival for my poor phone!

All in all it was a wonderful evening and we are looking forward to our next activity!

photo 8
Great food is always important!!
photo 1
We were honored to have our Pastor and his wife attend.

photo 5

photo 9
Playing a huge game of Four-Square

photo 7

photo 6

photo 4

photo 3

Four way Dodge Ball!
photo 10
Praying in the NewYear

-Youth Blog Team-